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The Mission

SIHA AI's Core Mandate

At SIHA AI we make the disease diagnosis process cheaper, faster, accurate, and more efficient by leveraging the latest State-of-the-Art in Computer Vision – Deep Learning Algorithms and Techniques to automate the core microscopy and pathology pipelines in order to save lives.

SIHA AI Market Trailblazers

SIHA AI is the pioneering Mobile-Based AI-Driven Precision Medical Diagnostics Solutions Provider In The SSA Region.

Augments Available Labor

The SIHA AI Mobile Application instantly increases the productivity of Laboratory Technologists by an order of magnitude of 10X+.

Affordable & Easy To Use

Our Solution is easy to use and can be deployed in real-time to several devices simultaneously on a global scale for maximal reach and impact.

Deep Learning AI Technology

The SIHA AI Mobile Application uses the latest SoTA Computer Vision Techniques to produce an accurate – 99% accuracy – diagnosis in seconds.


Our Solution

The SIHA AI Screener

“At SIHA AI we believe that digital health technology can serve as a powerful equalizer for improving healthcare delivery and access to care for low-income resource constrained communities in the Global South by reaching people where they are spending time— in the farms, at school, at work, at church, in their neighborhoods, and on the go with real-time, mobile-based, on-device point-of-care-testing solutions that easily fit into their daily lives and which are at the same time life-saving.”

Marcel Masaga – Founder SIHA Artificial Intelligence

The SIHA AI Screener Mobile Smartphone Application has been developed using the latest bleeding edge Computer Vision AI technologies to solve an evergreen problem – that of access to affordable and accurate diagnostic systems on the go – to the people who need it the most – the populations in the Global South where 75% of the world’s 8 billion people live…


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Get a diagnosis with 99% accuracy in 5...

The Workings

How The SIHA AI App Works

The SIHA AI Precision Point-of-Care-Testing app is easy to operate and it works as easily as 1,2 and 3.

At SIHA AI we’re proud to be a “For Progress" Company that is Driven by Social Impact

What is a 'For Progress' Company?

A For Progress Company is a company that’s making a concerted effort to do their part in making progress towards attaining the SDGs, and has (at a minimum):

1.A company mission aligned with one or more SDGs
2.A product or offering that positively influences Key Performance Indicators towards the SDGs, AKA “Impact Key Performance Indicators” (iKPIs)
3.A public webpage that tracks progress on their iKPIs on a regular basis.

Malaria Cases In The Year 2020 According to WHO
Resultant Global Deaths Due To Malaria in 2020
% Were African Children Under 5 Years Old
Sub-Saharan African Children Die From Malaria Every Single Day

Press & Media

SIHA AI In The News

Here you will find recent notable and worthwhile mentions that feature SIHA Artificial Intelligence LLC in the news – both electronic and print – and other media.

SIHA AI Bags The Founder Institute's Rising Star of The Year Award 2023 - Awarded To The Fastest Growing Startups


Published: December, 14,2023 at 15:00 EAT.

Founder Institute Alumni have been rapidly growing, causing impact worldwide and raising over $1.75BN. Here are the standout startups of 2023 that impressed us with their remarkable achievements. Two graduates per region are also awarded in the Rising Star and Startup of the Year categories.

We're Happy To Announce That The Rising Star of the Year Award 2023 came to our very own SIHA Artificial Intelligence, founded by Marcel Masaga. SIHA AI is the fastest-growing startup in Africa according to the 2023 Founder Institute Global 50 Startups Report

The FI50 report highlights the Top Startups from Africa in our Global Portfolio, showcasing their significant growth over the past year. Join us as we celebrate our teams innovation, dedication, work, and perseverance which has led to this incredible success. Watch out for amazing things in 2024!

SIHA AI Inducted Into The Hallowed Founder Institute's Select Portfolio

FI Select Portfolio Image

Published: September, 09,2023 at 13:00 EAT

The Founder Institute's Select Portfolio is a designation given to the top 3% of Graduates from the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator.

Among the Founder Institute's 7,000+ Graduates across Six continents, the Select Portfolio represents the Elite companies that have demonstrated strong early traction. These Graduates have been hand-selected by the Founder Institute as companies with the utmost potential to quickly scale and grow into an enduring, global business.

At SIHA Artificial Intelligence we are driven by the core desire to ensure that everyone has access to affordable diagnostic testing in SSA. The SIHA AI mobile app will increase access to AI-driven, offline, hospital-grade diagnostic capabilities to communities who have limited access to traditional diagnostic testing services.

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